Thursday, February 28, 2013

Training day four / disneyland!!!

Hi everyone ! Today was another great day in the life of my boy and i . Our morning started out by goimg to disneyland ! We parked in a lot which was a mile or so from the main gates and boarded the city bus . My boy and i walked on to the bus like we had been doing it for years . We quickly found a seat and off we went . It was crowded so steve instructed me to keep him on a sit rather than a down . We got to the main gate drop off area and got off the bus . When we got off we headed through the security check point and he guided me through with ease . Once through i told him to find left - again he totally rocked it ! We walked to the area where i was going to relieve him before we went im the park . I took his harness off and told him to get busy , two seconds later we had success . After we got busy we headed for the turnstyles and made our way to main street . We headed up main street and he weaved in and out of the crowds with ease . He did amazing ! He guided me perfectly from curb to curb and around crowds , taking me off the path and back on . We went off to the left where we went on a couple of rides . He was very curious on the rides but did very well with them . I was very pleased with his ability to adapt so easily to the craziness of the happiest place on earth . We hung out in the shade and did a lecture and just worked the park in small little bits . Pretty soon it was time to make our way back down main street and back to the bus . On the way out i got kind of turned around , but my boy found the way back to the bus no problem !!! Way to go boy !!!!!! We headed home and talked about a little night workout . We decided i would meet steve tonight for dinner but he would watch from a far to see us go in and order and find our seat . Mission complete , we did it without a hitch . After dinner we headed home and i let my boy run in the barn and chase the ball a little . He really loves to do this every night .
One thing i forgot to mention is that we also went to petsmart today to get him some food . We worked up and down the isles and worked on food distractoions . He did really well with this as well .
My boy is amazing and i absolutely could not be happier ! This has been an amazing journey so far and im looking forward to sharing more with all of you tomorrow , so stay tuned !

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