Monday, February 25, 2013

Training begins - day 1

Hi everyone ! Well today went great . Steve came this morning and we fit my boy for his harness and played around with the different lengths of harness handles until i found the right length. After that we sat down and came up with a game plan for the day . We decided to go easy today and just do a few things to start the boy off slow. We got in the van and drove to home depot . At home depot we worked on sweeping left and right turns and finding the door in and out . My boy was a champ !!! Then we went over to the bank so i could make a deposit . After i told him find the door inside , he took me right to the door . Good boy ! He went through the line and up to the teller like he had done it a zillion tines ! After that we headed over to the coffee shop and worked on the under . For those wondering what the under is , its a command we give our dogs to go under a table and get completely out of the way of foot traffic . The whole idea behind a good guide or service dog in a restraunt is out of sight . The best compliment you can get as a handler is " i never even saw your dog , i didnt even know he was there " . My boy does a beautiful under :-) gosh ! He really is flawless !!! After the coffee shop we headed home and did some light recall work in the barn . He came when called and loved the praise he got for it . Gosh i just love working with him ... He is so easy !
Tonight we didnt do much . Im not allowed to work him in harness alone yet so we just drove through for dinner . He is always so good about not begging .
Anyways , thats about all for today . More tomorrow ! Thanks for reading !

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