Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Traning day three

Well today has come and gone in the blink of an eye . My boy continues to amaze me with every step . He is so good and so smart it just makes me smile all day long ! Kudos to his trainer and double kudos to his raisers !
So this morning steve picked us up at 8 and we headed to old town to work a route and eat breakfast. The boy worked like a champ . We worked straight down a sidewalk , weaved around people and objects , and he found every up curb and down curb without a single flaw . After the workout and breakfast , we headed over to the mall to work escilators and do a lecture about moving sidewalks . My boy found the escilators and we went up and down several without an issue . He rides very well . After we did escilator work we found a place to sit and talked about moving sidewalks . Steve and i talked about the safety of the dogs paws and how moving sidewalks were not safe like escilators were . I would never do anything to put my boy in harms way so once it was explained why , i was good with it and it made perfect sense.
In the afternoon we worked in costco and talked about the routes amd trips to come in the next week . I have a fun trip planned for tomorrow that i will tell you all about tomorrow . So stay tuned for that ! Im also looking forward to having chuck come out from the school to try to run us over next week lol . For those of you who think im serious , im not lol . Next week chuck will come help steve set up what they call a traffic check . They set it up like they are the driver who comes out of nowhere and comes around a corner really fast while im in the crosswalk . My dog should pull me out of the way like he has been trained . I know he will do great as he already is very sensitive to traffic :-).
Anyways that was about all for our day . We decided to make it a shorter day because we have a big trip planned tomorrow .
Goodnight all -

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