Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Training day two

Well I have lots to blog about tonight . Let me just start by saying I could not be happier with my boy ! He is an absolutely amazing dog . He is such a good worker , and so very smart .
Our day started off at around 8:30 this morning. Steve picked us up and we headed straight to town . We parked in the lowes parking lot and he explained the route . First we would find the rampway to the sidewalk , and when at the botton we would turn right. After that we would work up a long path making our way through some small street crossings and eventually make it up to the busy intersection and crossing. After we crossed we would find the starbucks and grab a chai tea and chat about the route.
I put my boys harness and away we went . Find the ramp boy - good boy ! We approached the end of the ramp and he took me out to the curb . Right boy / good boy ! Thats it ... We walked with ease getting more conmfortable with each step. We finally came to a street crossing . He took me right to the edge of the curb and stopped - yes! Well done . When we were clear i gave him the forward command . This is a command we give our dogs to tell them we want them to move forward . He moved right across the street and found the up curb. He stopped , let me find it with my foot , and we were off . Forward boy . We did crossings like this until we hit the big busy intersection . I stood at the corner and listened to the traffic around us. There were big loud trucks bustling past and lots of cars going by. As soon as the cars on my left stopped and the traffic on my right went , i knew what was going to come next. I waited until i herd the surge in traffic and once the cars started passing on my left , i gave my boy the command - forward- we stepped out , glided across the intersection and he found the up curb . Again i gave him the forward command . He gladly moved forward and we went on our way. Up another block was the Starbucks where we ended our route. We chatted over chai tea about our workout and what we would do next.
After we finished our teas we worked back to the intersection and whem we got to the up curb we went left this tine . We headed to a neighborhood where we worked on some crossimgs where there were no curbs. My guy was amazing as usual ! We passed a barking dog on the end of a long line , a crazy barking dog behind a fence and a father and his little boy walking and my boy could have cared less . He is a very focused worker .
Half way through the route back to the van we came across a total barricade. This is when there is something blocking the pathway that your dog must figure out how to guide you around . He slowed then stopped . I gave him a reassuring " hop up " command and he did nothing . I reached forward to figure out what it was , and found a car parked right in the middle of the sidewalk . We let him figure out how o get around it, and of course he did !!! Did i mention how much i love this dog ?
We made it back to the lowes parking lot and did sone work inside the building before heading back home.
Steve came back later that day and had me work my boy to the front gate of the property alone . Of course my boy was great ! We worked back to the house and steve met us there . We decided we would do a little obedience in the barn since i would be going to my friend wendis obedience class and playimg games tonight with my dog since it was graduation . We closed both ends of the barn and worked obedience both on and off leash . Do i have to tell you my boy was perfect again ? Steve and i made a plan to meet at wendis class and he left .
Tonight i met steve and worked my boy in class . We played doggie tic tac toe , a game of horse , and a heeling game where you have to hold a big spoon in your left hand and balence a ball on the spoon all while heeling your dog through cones . It was a lot of fun to play games with the boy . He did great ! After class i grabbed dinner and headed home .
My boy is asleep at my bedside on his fluffy costco bed . It was a fantastic day and i cant wait for tomorrow . Stay tuned and thanks for reading :-)

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