Sunday, February 24, 2013

Last day of our weekend together

Well today went great ! We slept in , hung out all morning and listened to sunday service online . This afternoon we went out to the garden to get the beds ready for spring and to clean up the asparagus boy laid quietly in the sun , shifting every so often into the shade . He is really starting to bond to me , because i went around the corner to turn on the hose and i herd him get up right away as if to say ... Hey where ya goin ? And even though we have not started working yet, i think he knows im his person and keeping me safe is his job ! Well done good boy ! This evening was pretty uneventful , just more bonding .
Denver seems to like the little guy and sig loves him . Phoebe has her nose out of joint , but she will adjust. Fivel kitty does not seem to be bothered in the least by him , which is a great thing. I can always tell when a good dog comes in because fivel wont be disturbed by a good dog .
Tomorrow Steve comes in the morning and we will do our first workout together . I have worked him a couple of times already so at least we kind of know each other there . I will post more tomorrow so stay tuned ! Thanks for reading :-)

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