Friday, February 22, 2013

Our first day together

Well today went great ! Steve came and stayed a couple of hours and dropped my boy off . I am not allowed to post his name yet ,so we will just call him my boy for now . The reason the school does this is to protect us as a team and ensure its a good match before we go announcing it to the www .
My boy seemed to gravitate to me pretty well right from the get go . He is super sweet and very affectionate . He will come up to me and rest his head on my lap and let me scratch him behind his ears until he falls asleep ... All while standing up ! We took a little nap together on the floor today too . Hes so good i still cant get over it . He acts like he has always lived here . Later today I took him up to the barn while I put the horses in and he behaved like a perfect angel .
After the horses were in , it was his turn to eat !!! I fed denver and sig and phoebe first to let him know he was low man in the pack and keep him humble lol . When it was his turn , he did a beautiful sit ... Wait ... Ok ... This is what we tell them when we feed them . They must first sit , wait while i set the bowl down and are not allowed to break that sit and eat till I say ok .
I noticed right off he was a typical lab ... A scarfer !!! He demolished 4 cups of food in about 30 seconds no joke !!! So guess where we landed tonight ? Yup ... Off to the feed store for a slow feed bowl we went . The bowl is designed with sections , it makes getting food out take longer , thus allowing them to eat slower . Ive got the food ready for his morning feeding , so stay tuned ! Ive also talked to steve and was given the ok to feed him 2 times a day vs 1 big meal all at once . This will help him gain weight too since steve and I agreed he can use a few extra pounds .
After the pet store we drove through for a taco salad and headed home . More bonding when we got home . And finally to end the night I let him loose in the barn for a few min. Just to get the wiggles out . Man is he a crazy silly boy off leash ! He is identical to how denver was at that age ! He will for sure be the kind of dog who enjoys a good run at the end of the day just to clear his head .

All in all i cant ask for a better more well behaved dog ! He is so good and fits right in . I guess lori bernson at GDA was right when she said to me ... You will love again I promise . And shes right , im falling in love already . Even though it will never be the same love I have for Denver , its love in a new different kind of way ! And i know when its this boys time to retire in ten years I will never love another the way I love him . Not having kids of my own ,i can see now how parents can love all of their kids all in different ways but all the same .
Goodnight from sleepy me , and zonked out puppers asleep on his huge fluffy bed on the floor next to me .

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