Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day two of our weekend

Well today was another great day ! I woke up tomy boy politely putting his paw up on the edge of the bed as if to say ... Im excuse me , um i need to pee please ... Then when my eyes opened he started wagging his tail and kissing me in the face !!!! I loved waking up to this :-) i took him out and he went right away . After that was breakfast - the bowl worked ! He ate much slower . After breakfast he came with me to do my outside chores with the horses . He was perfect as usual .
We spent a lot of the morning snuggling and hanging out sippimg coffee and listening to the gac channel . Our afternoom consisted of a walk outside and some more bonding time inside . This evening we loaded all of the dogs up and drove through in n out . My boy rode like a champ and he never once begged for food !!!! Way to go boy !!!! We went home and spent some more time just hanging out together . For most of you who know me , sitting home all day and night , but this is critical i do this to ensure me and my boy form a good solid bond.
He seemed to like the fact that he got to eat two meals today too ! And that he gets a cookie at bedtime too . Hes just so darn cute .
Tonight he also got to go for another run in the barn . He really likes to do this and i think he remembered from lastnights run that the barn is his running spot ! He ran for a while then got tired and ploped down on the barn floor as if to say - ok i give lol .
Its late now and he is sound asleep next to me on his bed while i type this frommy bed .
Anyways thats all for today - stay tuned for another update tomorrow and thanks for reading !

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