Friday, March 1, 2013

Training day five

Day five conplete . Today we worked on some off leash obedience and took a trip down to san diego . Once we made it down to san diego , we parked the van and i worked up to the trolly station . My boy did fantastic ! He stopped at every street crossing and waited for the forward command to move along the route. We found the station no problem and located the loading area . Shortly after arriving a trolly approached and stopped . Find the door boy - good find it ! We loaded with ease and off we went . We took it only a short distance , stopping at the next station . Once the trolly stopped we disembarked and found our way out of the station. We came in on top of a bridge and i had no idea, but i followed my boy and we found the way out together . Steve instructed me to tell him to find the steps . Find the steps boy , good boy! He stopped me at the top of a bery steep set of steps . We carefully made our way down the stairs and i told him find left . Find left means to go left . Once we made our left i told him to find the bus right / good boy !!! We boarded the bus and away we went . We took it around the block amd exited and worked back to the trolly station . Once we found the station again we decided to take the elevator up to the top - find the elevator boy - bingo , he found it with ease and took me directly to it . I praised him and his tail wagged happily like it always does when he gets praised , which is a LOT!!!! We took the trolly back to the other station and worked back to the van . He did a magnificent job :-) ! He is so smart its insane .
We got in the van and decided to go grab some lunch .we found a spot to eat and unloaded him and " found inside" . Once we ordered we found a spot to sit . He went right under the table and layed right down . Huge thank yous to his raiser mommy for this ! Steve always compliments on how great he does with this . I am here to tell you that this task comes with persistance , patience, and lots of pratice ! And hes obviously had all of those .
After lunch we drove home and steve gave us the rest of the day off . I decided today was the day to allow him to have a couple of the toys and things i bought him . I gave him his baseball mylabone and he chewed on that for a while . Once he was kind of bored with that , i went to the opposite end and gave him his moose . Its a flat toy with no stuffing , but it has squeakers in the hands and feet and antlers . He LOVED this toy !!!! He gently chewed on it and sucked on it , being so nice and not tearing it up. He played with the moose for half and an. Hour until i put him up . After playtime he got a drink , went out in the run for a pee and came back in and flopped down on his bed and fell fast asleep .
I love that he is so easy to work and so awesome in the house ! He and denver seem to be getting along well to because they napped side by side today .
More tomorrow , i think we are working a night route . Happy friday everyone !
Here is a pic of his baseball nylabone - i will post his name and lots of pics just as soon as i can !

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