Friday, March 15, 2013


Just a short update to fill everyone in on what's been going on in dodger and i's world . Dodger and I have been busy Running errands and doing every day life. Denver dodger and I have also been busy preparing the garden for spring. Dodger and I took a trip to the nursery yesterday to get some Vegetable seeds and vegetable starts. The nursery allows dogs, so I thought it would be nice for dodger to not have to work In a harness, but rather relax and just enjoy being out as a dog. Little to my disbelief dodger guided me anyways. Ue . He stopped at all of the turns as if to say do you want to go left or right? He stopped at the down curb, he stopped at the up curb, and he stopped when there were people in front of us at the register. Dodger continues to amaze me every single day. I have included a picture of dodger in the seed area of the nursery. He is laying down enjoying the cool floor while my mom reads the seed packets to me. He waits patiently, watches other out-of-control dogs walk by, and does nothing. He is so patient and so kind. He is the perfect gentleman. I am always so pleased with his behavior out in public, and at home. I always work dodger on a flat color, he never needs a correction and never needs a choke chain for corrections . He really and truly is a push button dog.
At home dodger has enjoyed being around Denver, even sharing the Dog bed and taking naps together. Both of them love to come out to the garden with me and lay in the sun while I work in the raised beds. It is almost as if Denver knows that things will be okay now, and someone is there to help him with his job of taking care of me. Dodger has never been pushy, or pushed his way in with Denver. It seems as if Dodger knows that Denver was my Right hand man, and still is. But now they are both my right hand man :-) How lucky am I to have two wonderful wonderful dogs out of such a wonderful organization . Guide dogs of America could not have matched me with a better dog last time and this time. It always amazes me How well they match their dogs to their recipients.

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