Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Training day nine - we are a team !

Sorry it has taken me almost a week to post about our last day of training . Dodger and I have been very busy since we finished training .
On the last day Steve came and picked us up to work a short route around our local duck pond . When we arrived at the pond , dodger and I made our way across the parking lot twards the pond . Once we located the gate I told him to find right - good boy ! We gently snaked our way around the pond and many ducks passed in front of us along the way . Dodger never broke his focus ! He did his job and ignored the distractions ! Good boy dodger ! Once we went around the pond in both directions , we headed back to the van so we could find a starbucks for a bagel chai tea latte and to sign paperwork . We drove a little ways and behold - a starbucks ! P steve parked the van and we worked along a very narrow sidewalk and found the door to the starbucks . These dogs are taught the find it command and they are usually pretty dead on once you know your close . Dodger does a great job at this so locating the door was no problem .
Once inside we found the counter and ordered . Dodger stood quietly in front of me against the counter and out of foot traffic until i gave him the command to find right . We located a seat pretty quickly . Once we were seated steve and i went over the paperwork , and i signed my life away - ha ha ha just kidding . I signed a few papers and we were done ! Steve and i finished breakfast and he drove me home . Steve did such a great job with my home training ! And bryan did such an amazing job training dodger at the school ! So many thank you's to so many people . To lisa and manny for this wonderful gift and companion - your countless hours and hard work puppy raising. Have shone through . To sherri and adam for opening your home and heart and doing the painful task of turning dodger in for training . To ned colletti and the dodgers dream foundation for sponsoring dodger ! Your donation is so appreciated ! Thank you !!! To lori bernson at guide dogs of america for always being there to dry my tears and hug me and tell me its possible to love again . To andi krusoe at guide dogs for always being rock solid and supporting me for the last 9 plus years ! You are so appreciated ! To chuck jordan ! Oh chuck what can i say ? You tell me you have a match , keep me in total suspense until the day you dropmy dog off t and then try to run us over with the crown vic ! Now that was fun ! Thank you chuck for all that you do , even if its sometimes followed with that evil laugh ! -smile -
To denise for managing this blog and for your friendship . For not. Killing me for not telling you my dogs name until i was allowed lol - i o u an ice cream at disneyland ! And finally to those who read this who were dodger fans from his puppyhood and the school who also read during training . To those who are just now reading and supporting us .
Our adventures dont end here and i will continue to post updates as much as i possibly can - hopefully every few days ! So stay tuned and keep on reading - we have a lot of years to blog and a lot of miles to walk !
Cari and dodger

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