Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Day another blog

Hi guys, not too much to blog about today. Dodger and I have been very busy as usual. We tend to do a lot of small little errands every day which is good Because the scenery is always changing. One thing we have been doing a lot of recently is trips to Home Depot, and the Garden store nearby. This is the time of year when we get things ready for spring planting, and we already have some stuff in the ground. Dodger has been a very good boy helping me to pick out plants and waiting patiently while I stand for hours in front of the racks in the stores picking and choosing. Now if I could just teach them to read print we would being great shape Oh yeah need to teach him how to drive also Since I can't drive and he can't drive we do use a bit of public transportation while in town. Mostly though my mom drives us everywhere. When we are not in the area of temecula , Which actually happens to be quite often, we utilize public transportation. Many many trips on buses, in taxis, and on trains. This October we will be flying together for the first time. Since dodger was raised in Colorado, and the guy dog school is in California, I am sure he had his fair share of flying. I do not anticipate any problems on the airplane. We are taking a five hour flight direct to Florida. Once we get off of the plane, we will be there for two weeks. Steve calls this my seven islands in seven days trip LOL we plan to visit Walt Disney World for the first four days and then go on over to St. Petersburg Florida area and Tampa area for the next three days. After we are done in those areas, we will go down to Port Canaveral where we will board the Disney fantasy cruise ship for a weeks voyage to the Eastern Caribbean. The only port I plan on taking dodger off of the ship , is castaway Cay. Since this is Disney cruise lines private island, I do not anticipate access issues at all. The ship is the only Ship docked in this port, they do not allow other cruise lines it is exclusively for their passengers. I have been to this Island several times with Denver, and we always have a great time. As for the other ports of St. Maarten and St. Thomas, I will leave dodger on the ship in his crate in my state room. I am positive he will be safer in the room, versus being subjected to being denied access everywhere with me. These ports are pretty good about guide dogs and service dogs as they see a lot of them, But there are no a D a laws governing service or guide dogs in those countries so I choose not to chance it. There usually is one or two people from our cruise group that will stay back on the ship, so I always give them a Heads up and let them know that my dog will be in the room in a crate. My state room host or hostess also knows this, and does not enter the room during the time that I am gone. The captain of the ship will also get memo of this, so that if there were any emergency someone will go to retrieve my dog. It is not my favorite thing to do believe me, but after talking to Andy at guide dogs of America, we both decided the ship is the safest place for my dogs. I generally will stay gone for 2 to 3 hours and then come back and check on him. And if I feel like it, I will venture back out for another couple of hours. When I get back on board, I will usually take my dog up to the fenced in basketball court and let him run around and chase the ball. Anyways after we are done with our cruise, we will head back over to the Walt Disney World area for one more night. We will go back to the parks as we have an annual pass. The next morning we get on an airplane bright and early at 8:00 AM Florida time which is 5:00 AM my time. We have another direct flight home and arrive in San Diego at 10:30 AM.

I just know dodger is going to do great with this trip. I plan on giving him lots of breaks during the day when we are in the park as it is very humid in Florida and neither one of us are used to it. We will probably go back to the hotel in the afternoons during the hottest part of the day, and take a nap. Disney also has a wonderful kennel facility in Florida unlike their facility in California which is just mediocre in my opinion. I will be able to book daycare for him here, and he will have his own sweet complete with indoor and outdoor run , raised dog bed, TV, and air-conditioning. I don't plan on making my dog worked theparks from sun up until sundown. And I know I will be using the camel at sea world one of the first four days, since we will be at discovery Cove waterpark swimming with the dolphins. I forgot to mention this part of our trip earlier. Sea world has a great kennel facility as well, inboards service dogs for free. I will be making frequent trips back and forth during the day that we are at discovery Cove to check on dodger and walk him and spend time with him. And lucky for him the park opens at nine and closes at five LOL

Well that's about all I have to blog for today, I leave you with a picture of dodger and his bird teddy . Teddy is a green winged mccaw and has a very large beak !!!! Dodger has learned very quickly to leave him alone . Teddy is very curious about dodger and dodger is equally as curious , but they both seem to respect each other :-)

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  1. What a wonderful post Cari, and your vacation sounds wonderful! I'm so glad I will get to meet you, Julie & Dodger on the cruise. It will be too cool to see him on Castaway Cay! St. Thomas is a U.S. island, wonder if he would be ok to travel with you there. Otherwise, I'm sure he will enjoy his time off in your stateroom. It's so nice that some kennels offer free boarding for service dogs. They all should!