Sunday, March 3, 2013

Training day 7 - we are a team

Well where to begin ? Lets start out with this morning . Chuck was good enough to come out and do traffic with us ! Steve came and got me and we went to town and parked in a parking lot that had multiple exits . Chuck was lined up and ready to do the traffic check . I walked my boy out to the curb and started down the sidewalk . Once we got to the first down curb , steve told me to ask him for the forward - forward boy - we stepped off the curb and got half way out in the crossing when out of nowhere came this crazy guy driving a crown vic right at us and then screeching the breaks - ah the chuckster ! My boy had no idea this was a set up and he did his. Job with perfection !!!! He stopped and backed us up a little clearing us both out of the way YES!!!!!! We got to the up curb and as soon as we were out of the street i praised my boy like crazy :-) what an amazing feeling it is when a car comes at you and you can put total confidence in your dog knowing he will get you out of the way !
We continued forward through a few intersections and then ol chuck got us again ! This time he came around the corner really fast ! My boy stopped before we even got close ! Double yes !!! We were sailing through our crossings !!!! We worked up a hill into a residental neighborhood where we had our last traffic check . We went to cross the street and got revenge of the chuck again ! Only faster and this time he was turning left ! Ha ! My boy pushed me out of the way like a champ ! I was so happy ! We were safe .
After the workout we met up with chuck and went to breakfast where i got to learn about my puppy raisers and my dogs sponsor ! This is the exciting part !!! My raisers name is lisa and she and i both live a simillar lifestyle :-) my boy DODGER was raised on a ranch around horses ! What a great match .
We finished eating and chuck took me home so we could call lisa . We got to the ranch and unloaded Dodger and went inside . Chuck called lisa and after a second he handed me the phone :-) it was all over at that point lol i hope chuck has a good cel plan cuz i think we talked for like a half hour or more ! We clicked right away ! I cant believe how well we clicked ! She told me dodger was sponsered by ned colletti and the dodgers dream foundation ! She and ned are friends :-) how cool is that ? I then found out that we have a friend in common on facebook and that she had raised a puppy for her husband too ! Small world ! They kept dodger for three weeks before turn in and turned him in on turn in day . This is the day puppy raisers say goodbye to their beloved babies and send them off to college and cross their paws !!!
I can not begin to tell you how happy i am that i have such a wonderful dog and a very special puppy raiser and puppy friends sherri and adam ! And lisas boyfriend who is very attached to dodger too ! I especially hope he can come for graduation ... We can all cry together :-)
So that was our eventful day besides a little outing tonight . Tomorrow is subways light rails and platforms , cant wait to share that adventure with everyone :-) thank you all for reading and supporting us !!!!! MEET DODGER !!!!!

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