Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just another day in paradise

Dodger And I continue to learn to work together as a team and to bond even more so than we already are. He never ceases to amaze me with the wonderful things he knows and does for me . He always brings a smile to my face with his Eager to please personality. His tail constantly wags while we would make our way down a supermarket aisle, to a seat on the bus, Or when we are just moseying along. Dodger Truly loves to work.
About Five or six months ago, when Brian and I worked dodger together , I knew this was going to be a great match ! Brian is the trainer at guide dogs of America for those who don't know. Anyways as we were saying I knew it was going to be a great match, Brian had put a lot of hard work into this dog and it showed. Even that early on in Dodgers training, he always had Such a focus on his work and keeping us safe. The route we worked Was short small, and I didn't see my boy after that, but that one day was enough for me to know that I was going to get a really really good dog. But that day also showed me something about Brian that I liked very much, it showed me his heart and his passion for each dog he trains. I could tell there was something special between Dodger and Brian I knew my boy had whittled his way into Brian's heart . I knew dodger was fond of Brian as well. And so that day when I was done working this dog. That I had no name for, and this trainer that I had no physical description for, I decided to call a friend who was a puppy raiser at GD a and get the scoop On what Brian looked like so I could paint a picture in my mind. My friend described him to me and told me a little bit about his personality which I was also getting to know. Brian is a very cool laid-back easy-going kind of guy. He loves his dogs with all of his heart, and he is not afraid to show it either. He expects a lot from his dogs and you can tell, but he always gives equal praise and love .
What does this all habe to do with the price of tea in china you ask ? Eell ... I have a little story to tell .
Today we were working in home depot . I was looking at the fencing and trying to feel my way through the maze of boards slats and do it yourself fencing materials . Dodger was standing patiently by my side when i herd this voice - " can i help you find something mam " i had to do a double take because it sounded just like bryan !!!! Dodger also swung his head to the hard left and wagged his tail as hard as he could . After telling him what i was looking for and having him help me , my mon came around the corner . We all started talking about dogs and he asked if he. Could pet dodger . I normally might have said no , but this guy sounded so much like bryan i just had to for dodgers sake . I removed his harness and he barreled twards this guy as if he knew him - dodger is a gentelman with meet and greets but this was so not his character . He immideately flopped on the floor and rolled over on his back as if to say " pet my belly " . The guy loved this , and so did dodger ! When i finally peeled dodger off the floor and put his harness back on , his brain went back to his head and we left the store as if he had never seen the guy . I asked my mom for a description of the guy , and only then did i realize it was more than just the voice . Apparently this guy looks a lot like bryan , and dodger probbably thought " hey its bryans brother " ! Or he thought it was bryan ? Im not sure , but im glad he got to have that time with that guy .
So bryan if your reading ... You for sure need to say hi and love up on your boy at graduation cuz he misses you !!!!

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  1. What a sweet story Cari. Dogs are amazing that way, they never forget a loved one... or maybe in this case, someone who reminds them of a loved one. Either way he was enjoyed by that person and given love so that's great. Dodger surely has bonded with you and you sound like a wonderful team.