Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Denvers birthday ...#11

So today is Denvers 11th birthday . I cant believe that 9 years ago we were celebrating this very day in class at Guide Dogs Of America ! I always said he was the best Birthday present ever ! Today is his " offical" retirement date too . I told myself if he could just hold out till 11 , i would be ok with getting a new Guide . Although its been a while since he's really "worked", i still needed that mental closure for myself .
So as this day comes to a close , and my boy is another year older and retired .... I wait for what is just around the corner ! My new Guide Dog :-) ... I wonder when his birthday will be ? Already knowing him and knowing he is coming home soon is already another awesome Birthday gift ! And for those of you who don't know ... Tonorrow is my Birthday

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